Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year

So most everyone I know is ready for the new year to start.  Well so am I.  and here are a few of what I'm hoping for in the new year.
1. More sales at my etsy shop -
2. Better health for my family.
3. For my Great Dane, Ximmy, to maybe calm down just a little bit.
 What are your New Year's wishes?

Things I've accomplished this year.
1. I have been Smoke-free for almost 2 years,
2. I have become Senior Pharmacy technician.
3. I got my Great Dane, Ximmy, in March.

Well, I have started making reversible tote bags and I think they have turned out pretty cool.  I have 3 of them up right now in the etsy store, so you should go check them out.

you should check out my treasuries!  Well, gotta go now.  Hopefully I'll check in more often and post more.  Who knows!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New collars are up!

Just put up 4 new collars, 3 of which are from the new Christmas collection.

I am loving the new elegant collection I am making.  They are made with pretty sari and brocade fabrics.  I can't wait till I get some more hardware in so I can finish making some more.

Hope some people will start buying some collars for christmas presents.  I really love making them but I'm gonna be broke if I keep buying things and no one is buying the collars. oh well. Guess I will go sew some more!