Thursday, May 24, 2012

Busy, Busy Weekend

So, this weekend is so busy, I have Friday through Monday off, but both Saturday and Sunday we will be in Bloomington at the dog show for Sprocket's Rally competition.  Keep your fingers crossed he gets his Novice Title this weekend.  I also need to sew a whole bunch more for the Washington Cherry Festival Crafts on the Square which is June 2nd from 10-5.  So far we have 20 handbags, numerous collars, some tote bags, wallets, and small zippered bags along with a whole bunch of key leashes.  Lets hope we make back the money that was spent on the booth fee.  I don't know how busy the craft fair gets so not sure how well we will do, this is the first time for us at this fair.
Well, better go to bed, lots to do tomorrow to prepare for the dog show. 
Good Night!
Peace, Love, Grapefruit!

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